"Candlelight Spaghetti" Series
"Candlelight Spaghetti" Series

Romantic Moments Are Available Daily

In order to trace the taste of classic pasta, find the unique flavor of different countries and select the global quality ingredients. 

Hollow carved candlelight pasta series, with superb cooking techniques to restore pure flavor, feel the fine and complete taste experience.

Classic Tomato Bolognese Spaghetti

Perfect balance the Roman sour tomatoes with Xinjiang honeydew tomatoes, blending into the fresh aroma of meat.

Creamy Bacon With
White Wine Pasta

Light Cream And Milk Powder & Fried Bacon

Black Pepper Beef Fillet Pasta

Vietnamese Black Peppercorns & Thick-cut Beef Fillet

Southeast Asian Style Curry With Potato Chicken Pasta

Imported Yellow Curry & Tender Chicken Leg Meat

Danish Shredded Pork With Bolognese Pasta

Slow Stewed Pulled White Pork & Fragrant Kidney Beans

Mexican Style Hot And Spicy Roast Turkey Pasta

Imported Turkey & TABASCO Sauce

French Red Wine With Thüringen Sausage Pasta

French Red Wine & Thüringen White Sausage

Classic Tomato Bolognese Spaghetti MAX

Double beef

More than double satisfaction