“Various Macaronis” Seires
“Various Macaronis” Seires

Get Various Macaronis in Flower-like Momentos

Colorful small flower noodles are paired with classic sauces, and there are MINI outfits designed specifically for small meals.

Experience the taste buds of Huayang, always full of food fun.

AIRMETER “Disney Mickey and Friends”MINI BOX

4 cute types of pasta, and “Mickey and Friends” cards for collection

Classic Tomato Bolognese Fusilli

Magic taste and texture will be provided by the rich sauce filled in the spiral’s every bumps.

Creamy Bacon With White Wine Fusilli

Bacon Cream Cheese

1+1>2 concentrated alcohol enjoyment

Southeast Asian Style Curry With Potato Chicken Fusilli

Everything can be yellow curry

A variety of spices come together,fragrant!